Fall 2011 Research Team

Jonathan Ettinger is a junior majoring in Latin American Studies. He participated in the W&M study abroad program in La Plata, Argentina in the spring of 2011 and started the NSA internship in the fall of 2011. When he’s not furiously perusing declassified documents, Jon plays trombone, makes a fool out of himself on the dance floor, and enjoys video games with his friends. He likes his mate brewed amargo.




 Claire Monfort (Class of 2013) is a junior majoring in History and Secondary Education. She participated in the NSA Internship in Spring 2011, as well as accompanied fellow students and two William and Mary professors to La Plata in summer 2011 to continue their research. When she’s not sorting through Alchemy, Claire enjoys playing soccer, writing, and playing with her dog at home in Arlington, Virginia.





Past Members:

Adam Levin

Christina McClernon

Lindsay Thomson